Buying / Leasing Malaysian property

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The unique 'Marudu Breeze' property that this Website promotes offers an excellent purchase / lease opportunity.

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This said, whether you're thinking of renting, leasing or buying property in any country, it is always advisable to carry out appropriate preliminary research.

( Rules & Regs are always changing so whilst everything offered on these pages is as we understand it, care should be taken to verify the latest situation.)

For non-Malaysians , we recommend consideration of the Malaysian My Second home Visa (MM2H).

The MM2H is an attractive and cost effective Government Immigration based mechanism providing a renewable, 10 year, multiple entry visa with a duty-free car allowance.

There is no Tax on Worldwide assets raised by the Malaysian Government on residents under this scheme.

For further details :

(Use of an agent - Government approved or otherwise - is not mandatory.)

In the latest Annual Global Retirement Index for 2019 by International Living, Malaysia has been voted 1ST place with the best Healthcare in the World.

The process of renting a home is pretty straight forward and once the terms have been settled a legal agreement is drawn up and signed by both parties.

However, as a basic outline to the buying process :

After settling on a Property to purchase, a Sales & Purchase Agreement (SPA or S&P) is drawn up.

These are fairly standard documents but it’s better to have it done through a reputable Lawyer.

A deposit (usually up to 10%) is paid upon signature of the SPA.

A memorandum of transfer document is signed.

Valuation of the property is usually made by a Government representative.

Some of the fees one can expect when purchasing Malaysian property are :

- Legal fees : 1% for the first RM 500,000.   0.8% for the next RM 500,000.  0.7% for next RM 2,000,000.  0.6% for the next RM 2,000,000.  0.5%  Thereafter.

- Property Stamp Duty : 4% for Properties over RM 1 Million.

- If you are using an Estate Agent the commission fee can be negotiated but is usually between 2.5 and 3 %.  (The Malaysian board of Valuers stipulates a maximum of 3%).

- Capital Gains Tax :

As at 2019, provided the property has been owned for more than 5 years, the Malaysian Property Gains Tax for Individuals (Non Citizens) are 7 % and 3% for Citizens or permanent residents - this is less any permitted  expenses.

- Malaysian Fuel prices :

Prices at the Pump in Sabah are very attractive on an international scale and fluctuate marginally with market movements - as rough indicator current prices October 2019 are:
Petrol (RON 95) : RM 2.08 P/Litre

Diesel : RM 2.18 P/Litre

The Federal Government has acknowledged the merit of accelerating further development of the outer lying Provinces being cognizant of the intrinsic value of their Tourist and Agricultural prospects.

Over the past few years considerable government investment has been directed at Sabah's Road, Airport & Tourism infrastructure and there has been a burst of private development response in the form of Hotel and Recreation construction.

The current Federal Budget makes provision for generous expansion of Sabah infrastructure this year.